Saturday, January 7, 2012

ADAM & EVE at the Movies!

Christiane Martel and Carlos Baena in the Mexican made THE SIN OF ADAM AND EVE (1956). Mexicans really love the Adam & Eve story. French actress Christiane became famous in Mexico, decided to live there, married a politician who then banned all of her films from being shown in theatres or on TV including this one.

Mamie Van Doren as Eve (!!!) and Martin Milner as Adam in THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ADAM AND EVE. Clearly a serious in-depth portrayal. Arf.

Michael Parks and Ulla Bergryd in THE BIBLE: In The Beginning...

Definitely more serious that the Mamie version but still not really profound except for the creation of Adam scene.

And for the piece de resistance ultra beefy Jorge Rivero and one-hit-wonder Candy Wilson in the Mexican made THE SIN OF ADAM AND EVE (1969). I recently played this film on PEPLUM TV and got the BEST ratings the channel ever had. It's pure eye candy re: Jorge and Candy but with big plastic flowers and the actors walking backwards or holding sheep to avoid full frontal nudity, it's entertaining because of the display of flesh but also because it's unintentionally funny from beginning to end.

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