Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photo of the Day

Dr. Doug Phillips (Robert Colbert) meets Helen (Dee Hartford) and Paris (Paul Carr) in the episode "Revenge of the Gods" from the sci-fi TV series THE TIME TUNNEL

I like the title of this particular episode. Surprise they haven't used it yet for a film. They use clips from Robert Wise's HELEN OF TROY for the big battles and the Trojan Horse scenes.


Steven Lester said...

Didn't James Darren play on this show, and wasn't he the one that always took off on trips via the Time Tunnel, that certainly had its problems with smoke. There must have been some sort of incredibly advanced science going on there.

Anonymous said...

Time Tunnel ALWAYS lifted big scenes from other films ... even their pilot, when they land on the deck of the Titanic, sampled scenes from "A Night to Remember"

Bunche (pop culture ronin) said...

Dee Hartford, aka Verda the android from LOST IN SPACE.