Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo of the Day

Sean Connery as Alexander the Great in ADVENTURE STORY, a TV production made by the BBC and broadcast in 1961. Connery did this before DR NO. Adapted from a play written by Terence Rattigan.

I have half (50 minutes) of this tv production (don't ask) and it's pretty good, if stagey but that's normal for TV productions of the time. I'll try to get all of it and play it on PEPLUM TV. It's quite rare and unique. My only complaint is the title. ADVENTURE STORY? Pretty bland.


jim said...

The whole of the Sean Connery "Adventure Story" is now on the BBC's DVD box set, "The Terrence Rattigan Collection", available at Amazon.

The original West End production was an early success for a very young Paul ("Man for All Seasons")Scofield. You're right about the bland sounding title. Back then the Brits were always so mild mannered & dignified, they would never have said someone was "great". It would have been more like "Alexander was OK". lol

PEPLUM cinema said...

Yeah, it's on the Terence Rattigan DVD set but it's $40+ and I'm really only interested in ADVENTURE STORY. I'm trying to figure out how to get just this title.

jim said...

Yes, it is pricey. Especially as you are only interested in the one play/film.

Try & keep an eye out for a used copy on Amazon or e-Bay. Good Luck.