Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Star Ciné Roman was a French 'fotonovela' with different movies in each issue. Many of them were PEPLUM titles. Here's a 6 of them. Many of these fotonovelas were published when the movie was released but for others, including the two first, they were published years after the two movies were released. Some of the titles on the cover are totally different than the actual titles of the movies.

SAMSON AND DELILAH starring Victor Mature and Hedy Lamarr

HELEN OF TROY starring Rossana Podesta

THE PHARAOHS' WOMAN starring Linda Cristal and Pierre Brice

THE LAND OF THE PHARAOHS starring Jack Hawkins and Joan Collins

THE GIANTS OF THESSALY starring Ziva Rodann, Alberto Farnese, Luciano Marin and Cathia Caro

THE BACCHANTES starring Taina Elg, Raf Mattioli and Alessandra Panaro


Anonymous said...

Just to note, the French fotonovela of "The Bacchantes" appears to be titled "Les Amours de Thebes" - the Loves of Thebes. Perhaps that was also the alternative title to the French film version "Les Bacchantes".
PS. I enjoy very much your inclusion of non-english material. We are a worldwide Peplum-enthusiast community !

Anonymous said...

I cringe whenever I see peplum film titles using the Greek Sigma (Σ) incorrectly for the letter E (eg. HΣLΣN for HELEN).