Thursday, October 6, 2022


Ursus (Ed Fury) is seduced by Magali (Cristina Gaioni) while his friend Doreide (María Luisa Merlo) sleeps in THE MIGHTY URSUS (1961)

I didn't want to post this photo here at the blog even though I've uploaded it at different accounts (Facebook, Twitter...). This photo is interesting in that this scene is *not* in the movie. It's something that happens quite frequently: lobby cards or official photos from a movie includes scenes that were cut from the final version. There are a lot of them and I find it fascinating and want to write about it, hence the reason why I didn't want to upload this one now. But I thought what better way to create interest in this subject that posting about it. I know where this scene would be if it had remain in the movie. I wonder why it was cut and I wonder if the scene still exists or it has been totally destroyed. Anyway, we have this photo as proof.

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Anonymous said...

I have had this photo in my collection for many years and always thought "Where would that have been in the movie?"