Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Mosaic depicting the Trojan War is found in Syria

I love stories like this. It's amazing that the stuff they built back then could last thousands of years. 

"A 1,300-square-foot mosaic uncovered in Syria depicting scenes of the Trojan War, a legendary conflict that took place between the ancient Greeks and the people of Troy more than 2,000 years ago, is the 'rarest' ever to be found due to how remarkably intact it is."



luv chocolate said...

Wow! That's incredible!

Anonymous said...

Hercules (ΗΡΑΚΛΗC) is depicted at the centre, with Penthesilea (ΠΕΝΘΕCΙΛΕΑ), HIppolyta (ΙΠΠΟΛΥΤΗ), Achilles (ΑΧΙΛΛΕΥC) and Pothos (ΠΟΘΟC). Having a Greek background, it gives me a great buzz being able to read these directly !!

PEPLUM TV said...

Thanks for the info and explanation