Monday, October 3, 2022


Obro (Gordon Mitchell) and Princess Mecede (Bella Cortez) are in a tight position in THE GIANT OF METROPOLIS (1961)

Patiently waiting for the HD copy of this to surface. Not that it didn't have nice prints on DVDs before. It has and I made a Fan Dub of it but this PEPLUM sci-fi is a visual feast and a HD or Blu-ray treatment would be amazing to watch. The runtime for this movie is a bit confusing though. According to IMDb, it seems the original runtime is 98 minutes but none of the copies I have is close to it. The runtime for the US version is 89 minutes (NTSC) and the Italian, French or German are 86 minutes (PAL). All copies are pretty much intact, including the US one. So the 98 minutes must be an error. 

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