Monday, October 10, 2022


Chelo Alonso, Paul Wynter and Gordon Mitchell in ATLAS IN THE LAND OF THE CYCLOPS (1961)

This is a great example of an Italian PEPLUM. I like it a lot and it hits *all* the aspects which make these movies so fun to watch. Paul Wynter only made two movies, with MACISTE - THE STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD (aka Maciste vs Mole Men) being the other. He could have been a star but he was only 5'8" and people like their heroes on the tall side. Chelo was as tall as Paul. But he had excellent presence and went toe to toe with Mitchell in a pretty decent fight. Chelo's character is difficult to gauge. Is she truly evil or redeemable? They try to make her sympathetic, and she is, but her character's actions are often the trigger for so much hardship and cruelty. Gordon Mitchell's name is misspelled during the opening credits. 

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Tony Crnkovich said...

ATLAS IN THE LAND OF THE CYCOPS is one of my favorite sword and sandal films, which is saying a lot since I like so many.