Tuesday, October 11, 2022

HD Alert!

 Rory Calhoun and Yoko Tani in MARCO POLO (1962)

Kino Lorber will release a Blu-ray of MARCO POLO early next year. The news is so new that no images of the Blu-ray cover or from the print itself are available yet. The screenshot above was taken from a DVD copy from my collection. That print is in Italian but I also have one in English from a VHS source in poor quality. Unlike the recent SAMSON AND THE 7 MIRACLES OF THE WORLD Kino Lorber release, which had the original Italian print and a Fan Dub version of the US print, the BD for MARCO POLO will only include one print, the English one. According to a statement at their Facebook account, the opening credits will be in English and the director credited is Hugo Fregonese. The runtime is at 104 minutes which is the original runtime at 24 frames per second. So it's an original print of the official English release, presumably not a Fan Dub. Can't wait to see it.

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Anonymous said...

Really something to look forward to.