Sunday, May 12, 2019

Vintage article : Renato Rossini

Vintage article on Renato Rossini. Also known as Howard Ross or Red Ross, the Italian bodybuilder was a regular in PEPLUM films. He rarely had a lead role but his supporting roles were always stand-outs including in HERCULES AGAINST THE MONGOLS (1963) pictured in the article above along with Ken Clark and Nadir Moretti.

The article had a photo of Renato in a bodybuilding competition. Same exact pose as the one below.

Renato in a Mondo movie called SEXY PROIBITISSIMO (1963) in a segment called 'Hercules Oblivious'; his bodybuilding experience came in good use for this brilliant short film. IMDb and other websites covering the PEPLUM genre have incorrectly credited Kirk Morris as the bodybuilder (below).


Anonymous said...

pretty cool

Anonymous said...

I found this video saying it's Kirk Morris. Is the uploader mistaken? Either way what a body and what a scene! The cliche woman in the frame so as not to look overtly sexualising the man. Is there anywhere to watch the film online? I wonder what the rest of the film is like :)