Thursday, May 30, 2019

My recent acquisitions!

Here are some PEPLUM stuff I recently got, from eBay or other sources.

Full disclaimer: Except for 'MUSCLES, MYTHS, AND MOVIES' by Stephen Flacassier, who was kind enough to give it for free, all the stuff I mention in these posts I purchased myself. They weren't given to me for free or are freebies.

I also purchased the Kindle edition of 'OF MUSCLES AND MEN: Essays on the Sword & Sandal film'. I'll have a review of this in the near future. There's more stuff I got but I will also post in the near future, including magazines.

Three DVDs of WAR OF THE TROJANS (1962), also known as THE LAST GLORY OF TROY or THE AVENGER starring Steve Reeves.

GODS OF WAR DVD is a Steve Reeves double feature with THE GIANT OF MARATHON (1959) and THE LAST GLORY OF TROY (1962). I bought this specifically because that's the title which appears during the morning credits. The quality of the image is terrible, as almost all DVDs from the US. This version is missing that one big scene at the beginning.

Greek DVD of THE LAST GLORY OF TROY. It's in Italian only and it's cut (missing that scene).

French version of THE LAST GLORY OF TROY...even though the front cover has the title in Italian. The French version is the *only* version that is the most complete. It has the scene that's not in either copies above, or any other copies I already have in my collection. I wrote about this a few weeks ago. So, this version is invaluable even if the quality of the image is not that good. It's in widescreen but it's murky and fuzzy.

I specifically bought these copies for the opening credits and to see if they had that missing scenes.

For fun, I purchased these VHS tapes of HERCULES (1958). There are a gazillion different copies out there available in this format.

Postcard which shows HERCULES UNCHAINED (1959) playing at a local theatre. I posted about this recently. I loved it so  much that I decided to buy it. It's authentic. Not a reproduction. On the right is a Danish movie program of the same film. It's the smallest movie program I've ever seen. As a collector of movie memorabilia I was shocked to see how tiny it was (see below). It's cute and in good condition. It's not a reproduction.

And some lobby cards of various films. I like the one for THE SEVEN REVENGES (1961) and QUEEN OF BABYLON (Semiramis). One is a reproduction while the others are not.


Tim Mayer said...

That Stephen Flacassier guide is excellent. His was one of the first guides to "Herk" movies. I gave my copy away to a friend who was a body builder.

Anonymous said...

The photo of Sylvia Lopez is terrific. I've never seen it before. I'm curious, why the disclaimer at the beginning? You must be the only person around still buying VHS tapes.

PEPLUM TV said...

The disclaimer? It's just that there are others out there who get freebies, like new books, and 'review' them. Aside from Flacassier's guide, no one has given me anything for free to review, if you know what I mean.