Sunday, May 12, 2019


Here's a series of VHS covers for the release of TRIUMPH OF HERCULES (1964) starring Dan Vadis, Marilù Tolo, Pierre Cressoy and Renato Rossini (aka Howard Ross, see preceding post). A nice collection of covers, more so than more famous PEPLUM movies out there.

English (US) release
Pretty standard VHS cover. At least the image and actors are from the movie. 

French releases
This high quality VHS package is nice but all wrong. The image on the cover is taken from ULYSSES (1954) but with a new face and body. The back cover features a photo of Yann Larvor in SAMSON & THE MIGHTY CHALLENGE (1964). Both images feature Hercules with a beard but Dan Vadis in this is without a beard.

 Standard cover package with the original poster artwork

German release
 Action-packed cover but all wrong. Again, Hercules doesn't have a beard in this movie.

Italian release
 Pretty low budget release with image from HERCULES THE INVINCIBLE (1964)

Spanish releases
 Nice cover. A collage of different poster artwork from its original release and some added artwork.

 Cover with poster artwork from its original release. 

Totally bizarre release with different artwork and title. But it's the same film, with Dan Vadis and directed by Alberto De Martino.

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hsc said...

I know this has been up here for a while, but I have to point out that the central figure in the added artwork on the Spanish VideoForm release is Arnold Schwarzenegger, based on an ad that used to run in early '70s Weider magazines.

The surprising thing, though, is that the original photo had Arnold nude standing over a nude woman sprawled on the floor before him-- it was for some sort of pre-Viagra sex drive supplement Weider was selling.

The lighting and pose covered all the naughty bits, but it was still a Weider ad they weren't going to run in the back of a comic book!

(And given the current social climate-- you couldn't run an ad like that anywhere these days!)