Thursday, May 30, 2019

By the Gods!

 Dan Vadis, as Hercules, and Pierre Cressoy (below) in TRIUMPH OF HERCULES (1964)

This is the end of the movie, with Hercules going after the villain, Prince Milo (Cressoy). This scene in particular is such a let down for an otherwise really entertaining PEPLUM. You can clearly see the background is a wall, not the sky. There are creases and stains on the mural standing as the sky. Then there's the crevice (last screenshot) which is the least convincing set I've ever seen in any movie. It looks like something from a high school play. Audiences might not notice these things with beefy Vadis around but the first time I saw this I was shocked by the near amateurishness of it all. It's shocking because the rest of the movie is quite good with top notch production. Must have been a rushed shoot.

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