Tuesday, May 28, 2019

By the Gods!

 Raf Baldassarre and Edmund Purdom in SULEIMAN THE CONQUEROR (1961)

It's one of those movie's who's title character is barely featured in the story. Edmund Purdom doesn't play Suleiman but Ibrahim Pasha. Does anyone like this movie? It is hard to come by but I've never heard anyone claim that they liked it. Personally, I don't think its bad but like so many 'historical' PEPLUM productions, the small scale approach to these figures is often underwhelming. Too ambitious for its own good.

Above is a photo from a lobby card set while below is a screenshot of that scene from the actual movie. I like the B&W one. It's so dramatic compared to the color one. I understand that people always prefer watching movies in color but sometimes B&W is quite striking.

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