Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Then and Now : Debra Paget

Debra in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS; an official photo of Debra from TBN where she appears regularly

Debra is the last remaining major star from THE TEN COMMANDMENTS who's still alive.


Unknown said...

Sempre tive um fascínio enorme por Debra Paget, Que pena esta belíssima actiz se ter retirado tão cedo da sétima arte. Porque não reaparece ela num qualquer filme ou série, como já tantas Stars fizeram? Debra Paget pertence ao cinema, ela é uma mulher do cinema. Dê uma grande alegria aos milhares dos seus admiradores (como eu)Debra Paget, volte à 7ª Arte Please

Anonymous said...

Translation of the above:

I've always had a huge fascination for Debra Paget, what a pity this beautiful actress has withdrawn so early from the seventh art. Why doesn't she reappear in any movie or series, as so many Stars have already done? Debra Paget belongs in cinema, she is a woman of cinema. Give great joy to thousands of your admirers (like me) Debra Paget, come back to 7th Art Please.