Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Photo of the Day

Mathos (Jacques Sernas) and Salammbo (Jeanne Valérie) are lovers in SALAMMBO

So much bronzer. Though Jacques' make-up a bit too obvious he was still commanding as Mathos in some scenes (when he wasn't overacting) but Jeanne was totally miscast as Salammbo who needed to be more slinky and tall even if the character was very young. Jeanne, with her plump chipmunk cheeks, pouting endlessly, all with tons o' bronzer, made her look at times like a caricature. An uneven film for sure: some truly amazing scenes amongt a lot of mess but I'm still a big fan of this. It's so over-the-top that I can't help but love it.

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Alex said...

I love this movie -- and I ljove me complete print colour DVD from Spain -- it may be over-the-top in spots, but the 'happy ending' makes it a nice treasure! If Flaubert had made this movie, there would have been enuff blood & gore to outdo a Giallo screening!!