Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Exodus vs The Ten Commandments

Ridley Scott's version of the story of Moses will be released later on this year but for now let's just do a side by side comparison with the two main characters. Which one do you think is better suited for their respective roles?


RAMSES (or Rhamses)


orsh549 said...

Heston and Brynner by far the best. Bale and Edgerton are good actors and probably do a good job with their roles, but they are not Legends.

Richard Svensson said...

The Heston/Brynner film was made in an era when such a film could make an impact. Above all, the filmmakers could lavish time on their project. I have a feeling Exodus will soon be replaced in the public conciousness by another spectacle.

Unknown said...

Bale and especially Edgerton look good here. Given that Scott has directed the last great or near great peplum (Gladiator) it is worth a watch no matter what.