Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Continuing with the series of best PEPLUM villains here's GOLIATH AGAINST THE GIANTS. Though it doesn't contain as many villains as THE MIGHTY URSUS or HERCULES UNCHAINED, what this film lacks in numbers make up with its main bad fellow: Bokan played with over-the-top verve by Fernando Rey. He chews so much scenery that no sets were left after this production. Some might think he's overacting...well...he does but then the film wouldn't be as memorable as it would be if Fernando wasn't in it.

Equally evil is his lover (I think) Daina played by Barbara Carroll. Like so many villainess in PEPLUM films Daina's primary role is to give cruel ideas to Koban on how to deal with Goliath or anyone rebelling against the evil ruler. And lastly there are also the Giants from the title. They appear very briefly at the climax. They're sorta goofy looking and not very gigantic but they're one of many fun elements to be viewed in this colourful PEPLUM.

Fernando Rey plays Bokan, the evil ruler dead set against Goliath's return to the city

Barbara Carroll is Daina, Bokan's favourite woman (it's never clear what she is to him). She's evil but all the evil really belongs to Bokan

A quiet moment with Bokan

 Goliath (Brad Harris) had the chance to kill Bokan during the gladiatorial games

Bokan shows no mercy to anyone including the victorious gladiator who is killed by a guard on the order of his leader

The giants finally make an appearance at the end, very briefly. They are underused, to say the least

The end of Bokan...unfortunately, Goliath didn't kill the evil ruler himself


orsh549 said...

Love this fun movie especially in pristine widescreen. Good production values and plenty of action. Fernando Rey has always been a favorite no matter what type of role he played.

Shamelord said...

Not a great script, by all means, but a great visual style throughout makes this Goliath Against The Giants a pleasure to watch.