Saturday, January 26, 2013

Then & Now : Terence Hill

Terence in CARTHAGE IN FLAMES (1960); Terence today


Steve R.Orsulak said...

He has aged quite nicely, and he continues work in Italian TV. He also made 2 Westerns in US called DOC WEST & TRIGGERMAN as part of DOC WEST Series. His website is really neat, and boy I learned a lot. His favorite movie of all time is MY NAME IS NOBODY with Henry Fonda an SW made in the US. Wish that he had a PEP favorite but didn't see anything on that. Yes he is blonde his mom was German and has Blue Eyes.

Steven Lester said...

Long ago, before he died, my brother and I went to a drive-in movie theater which was presenting My Name Is Nobody and My Name Is Still Nobody, as I remember. The second was a story about two brothers. This was the only time we two were able to spend time together and so the experience was and is quite special to me. Thank you for the update.