Monday, January 7, 2013

Terence Hill/Bud Spencer - Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo scena epica Palestra

Both Terence Hill and Bud Spencer started their careers in PEPLUM films. Here's a typical scene from one of their films. Some of the men in the gymnasium also worked in the genre. One of them is Giancarlo Bastianoni who was one of THE TEN GLADIATORS among his other PEPLUM films.

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Steve R. Osulak said...

These 2 guys made a great team. I think they made at least 20 movies together. They both started acting when they were young. Hill was only 11 years old and Spenser only a couple years older. Bud Spenser has past away, but Terrence Hill continues to act in Italian TV Series and within the last 3 yrs. has made a couple of Westerns in America with Paul Sorvino as part of the Doc West Series, and his English is really good. Love these 2 guys !!