Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Photo of the Day

A priest (Jack Taylor) inspects the musculature of Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in CONAN THE BARBARIAN

I saw this film at the movies and I still remember many folks in the crowd screaming "Kill the f****t!" during this scene. Character actor Jack Taylor has an insanely long list of roles to his credit (123!) and this role is certainly one of his most famous one even if it's very brief. Taylor is still working today. As for Ahnuld, well, his comeback film, THE LAST STAND, was a flop at the movies, making it only at no 10 for the weekend it was released. This might spell doom for his upcoming Conan sequel THE LEGEND OF CONAN.


weenie man said...

"by crom, these flowers give my barbarian ensemble a certain je ne sais quoi!"

JimF said...

That's depressing and scary what was shouted in the crowd. Sadly I don't think it would be any different today what people would say.