Friday, January 4, 2013

Photo of the Day

Salina (Carita) and Justinian (Don Murray) find themselves in a passionate embrace in THE VIKING QUEEN (1967)

Not bad or I should say entertaining PEPLUM from Hammer studios which ends up being not very convincing, for more than one reason. This was the first and last Hammer film for both Carita and Murray. Murray, with his American accent, and Carita's Scandinavian accent, the conflicting accents was one of the film's problems. Murray's star was fading fast by then and was appearing mainly in TV productions while former model Carita only made two films with this being her last one. Hammer studios was in a transition period (was there a time when Hammer wasn't in a transition period?) and the famous horror studio were attempting different genres like prehistoric films and this late comer to the PEPLUM genre. The Fox executive VP of domestic distribution, Joe Sugar, told Hammer how disappointed he was with its lacklustre US box office performance. I think this film works better on TV than on the big screen.


Anonymous said...

Os épicos são meus preferidos, sim. Grandes obras do cinema, em tela gigante...sem pipocas... mas e os lindos musicais...italianos da bela juventude nossa?...Saudades!

Steve R. Orsulak said...

This was not a bad movie despite it being quite historically inaccurate, but it did have that Hammer Studios touch to it with the Druids and their sacrifices plus some nice woman.