Friday, January 25, 2013

Nude PEPLUM stars

It's not unusual these days to find a magazines with current stars/actors in the buff. It's almost de rigueur.  But in the past, nudity was still a no no. But that didn't stop our favorite PEPLUM stars to disrobe entirely or be near nude, for the sake of art or titillation. Here are a fe examples:

Sylva Koscina, the sweet and innocent Iole from the Francisci's HERCULES films, was photographed on many occasion without clothes. You can easily find tons of her photos on them interwebs. Sylva was most definitely not shy. Uploaded to the Babes & Beauties page.

Mark Forest, aka Lou Degni, was a bodybuilder and of course disrobing for photographers comes with the job. Uploaded to the Heroes & Beefcake page.

Chelo Alonso was a saucy dancer before becoming an actress and popularized in the PEPLUM genre. Her costumes were always skimpy, showed loads of skin. I tried to find a nude photo of Chelo but couldn't find one but this is as close as she got to being nude. Uploaded to the Babes & Beauties page.

Like Mark Forest, Steve Reeves was a bodybuilder par excellence and he too took his clothes off for the sake of art. Only Steve can make a nude photo of himself showering and lathering up seem wholesome, not tawdry in the least. Arf. Uploaded to the Heroes & Beefcake page.


James gregg said...

Beautiful body

Unknown said...

Beautiful men. Thay
Was Blessed by god.