Sunday, January 13, 2013

Photo of the Day

Unknown actor Renato Rossini portraying Hercules in the short film HERCULES OBLIVIOUS

Classic Hercules pose. This short (you can view it at my channel here) is one of my favorite PEPLUM creations ever. Very cool. The short was taken from a Something Weird DVD. It's part of an Italian strip-tease film called SEXY PROIBITISSIMO released in 1963. Something Weird just took this Hercules bit, made a short film and named it HERCULES OBLIVIOUS and made it available on DVD. The identity of the two actors in this rare film is still a mystery.

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Steve R. Orsulak said...

I have this short and it is very interesting. The actors or dancers probably made many dance scenes for different PEPS. Thanks for finding out where this film originated from. I actually thought that this was a short that they showed prior to the main attraction in theaters.