Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spot the lion tamer!

When you watch a PEPLUM film there's almost always the Hero-Battling-A-Lion scene. Depending on how they filmed it, a real lion timer is often used for some shots. Unfortunately for the filmmakers and the lion tamers, most of the actors portraying the Hero are buff and muscular making it difficult to match the tamer's physique with the bulging actors.

From MACISTE IN HELL: this lion tamer is supposed to be Kirk Morris...not quite. 

Gordon Mitchell is the star of MACISTE IN THE LAND OF THE CYCLOPS; this lion tamer simply doesn't look like Mitchell.

 This scene is from HERCULES (1958) and he's supposed to be Mr Universe himself Steve Reeves. He's missing definition to match Steve.

In URSUS & THE VALLEY OF LIONS, lion tamer Orlando Orfei is a stand-in for Ed Fury. It's obvious that's not Ed.

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Anonymous said...

GREAT POST! A Wikipedia article in Portugese states Orlando Orfei is the founder of Circus Orfei, which means he is, pending verification, a predecessor to Moira and Liane Orfei