Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ten Commandments quotes

Nefretiri: Oh Moses, Moses, you stubborn, splendid, adorable fool!

Baka: No, your wings must not be singed, my dove!

Dathan: The purity of white will cool the blush of your cheeks.

Dathan: My little mudflower.

Joshua: Water before love, my girl.

Lilia: Oh, does it take the entire Nile to quench your thirst?

Joshua: No, only your lips.


Anonymous said...

Ten Commandments is the film I very much dislike.

My problem with the plot is that Moses (convincingly pretending to be a complete moron) and his God (I am talking about the characters in the FILM!) act like two vengeful and narcissistic terrorist bodies (= killing innocents out of revenge - or just to demonstrate their powers).

The film's message (if there is one) is rather dubious, as the movie appears to promote self-importance, blind obedience, violence, unjust and stupidity.

Likewise, the sets are generally cheap - mostly made of very small studio sets "enhanced" with some (often rather clumsily executed) projections.

With the exception of Anne Baxter and Cedric Hardwicke, the plays are truly awkward. (The otherwise talented actors/actresses seem to be confused by the ridiculous lines they are forced to come up with.)

PEPLUM cinema said...

So tell me what you really think about it...arf ;-)

The lines are something else huh. Oy!

Aside from the cornball dialogue, which is very entertaining, for me the big disappointment is how the film is studio bound. The VistaVision aspect ratio is not fully utilized to its greatest advantage in most studio bound scenes. Demille started making films during the silent era and it still shows in his 1950s Ten Commandments.

Anonymous said...

HOW could no mention ...
"Moses, there is a man among the sheep" (spoken by Sepporah to Moses; insert the disgust-at-bestiality noises here).

Moses' stone-faced reply ? "Your eyes are as sharp as they are beautiful", which prompts Sepporah to briefly look at the camera as if she's thinking 'was that supposed to be a compliment?'