Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Photo of the Day

Goliath (Hercules in original; Mark Forest) tries to defend his bride from a dragon in GOLIATH & THE DRAGON

A few things about this scene. The dragon scenes were added later after VENGEANCE OF HERCULES was completed. In this scene, the lady is supposed to be Leonora Ruffo but it's actually a stand-in (she's hiding her face on purpose); the stand-in was used only when they filmed the dragon as there are some scenes of Mark and Leonora together sans dragon. This means Leonora wasn't available when they shot the dragon scenes and a stand-in was used.

The dragon itself is cute but not very convincing or threatening. If I had a few bucks, I would actually get some computer animators and add a cgi dragon, replacing the huge puppet one we see in this photo and also the wonky animated one in other shots. I'm usually against this but I believe that if one has to watch the film with the dragon (remember, the original cut didn't have the dragon) then a realistic looking cgi dragon would be an improvement.

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TakeNoPrizners said...

The dragon reminds me of the one Fritz Lang created for his film Siegfried in 1924.