Monday, September 3, 2012

Gianna Maria Canale & Gina Lollobrigida in Italian beauty contest

Video of an Italian beauty contest in 1947 in which two of the contestants were none other than Gianna Maria Canale and Gina Lollobrigida. 

Gianna on the far left with the winner Lucia Bosé pretending to drink from the prize. Gina was third runner up and she's standing next to Lucia. All three winners would become actresses.


Paul said...

I have just read that "beauty comes in all shape and form". Well, this statement can not be more wrong; beauty comes in one shape/form: the perfect (= most "functional") proportion of the body and face. Being beautiful is even more than being "cute", "lovely", "nice", or "pretty".

Nowadays beauty is no longer recognized (as the above cited statement proves it), let alone appreciated. I also read in a book ('Thais of Athens') that when beauty is no longer valued, the civilization is dying - and it is exactly the case with our world (which culturally, morally, socially and economically is falling apart).

Nowadays ugliness is celebrated and rusty piles of metal junks are pretending to be "sculptures" (as opposed to statutes of - TRULY - beautiful women/man in ancient times). I like films made in the 50's and 60's (in this respect: about the ancient worlds) for their colourful sets/matte paintings - and for their beautiful characters.

Anonymous said...

Paul is so correct ... ugliness is celebrated while beauty is ridiculed. Urban decay and brutality is today's iconic paradigm in visual and artistic production. Graphic art and advertising is infantilized and insults the reader as it disserves the naive client. Even commercials are ugly ... most with dogs feature the repulsive bulldog, which happens to be the most popular dog in L.A. Ugly is in. Maybe this accounts for the nostalgic attraction of the noble Sword & Sandal movies of our youth.