Tuesday, September 4, 2012

RIP: Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan with Dwayne Johnson in THE SCORPION KING

Michael died yesterday at the age of 54. His most famous PEP role was in THE SCORPION KING. RIP big guy.


Anonymous said...

We loved SCORPION KING ... tons of B-list actors shine in producer/writer Stephen Sommers' homage to the Peplum flicks of his youth. Every plot element is there ... strong Maciste figure, sacrificial good guy, hail-fellow-well-met brawl between the future friends, beautiful demi-goddess, implacable evil king, oppressed masses, dancing girls, multiple throw-offs, tavern scene, even The Boy who was played usually by Franco Gasparri ... they're all there.

Steven Lester said...

My goodness. Look how Michael just diminishes Dwayne in size. Mr. Johnson is not a small man, by any means.