Sunday, September 23, 2012

Photo of the Day

Gump (David Bennent), Brown Tom (Cork Hubbert), Jack (Tom Cruise) and Screwball (Billy Barty) are prisoners in Darkness' lair in LEGEND

Fantasy films sometimes do fall under the PEPLUM umbrella even though I have some reluctance to include them (just look at the link with the list of titles). THE MAGIC SWORD with Gary Lockwood and Basil Rathbone is definitely a PEPLUM so why not this one? Fantasy films like LORD OF THE RINGS are borderline PEP but just so because of the whole sci-fi/fantasy/other-wordly elements to them but LEGEND is a fairly basic fairytale so here it is. The production design of LEGEND is utterly brilliant. The script is utterly terrible. A mixed bag.

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