Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photo of the Day

Mary Ann (Geneviève Grad) pleads to Sandokan (Steve Reeves) for a safe battle in SANDOKAN THE GREAT

Many things about this film: first, Warner will be releasing this public domain film on DVD from their Warner Archives service. I'm curious to know if it's cut. The DVD I have, from Europe, seems intact even though a good portion of the film was cobbled together from different sources. The image quality during those scenes taken from a different source are not as clear and pristine as the image above. If the Warner DVD fixes this it would be cool. But like I said, I wonder if the version they're selling is cut. If it is then it won't be an improvement from this version.

Second, the battle at the end, when this scene takes place, is pretty crazy and they throw everything in it but the kitchen sink. It's fun to watch.

Third, my only gripe with this film is that the story is fairly straight-forward with few surprises with the most annoying part being the one when Geneviève becomes a white goddess to some natives. Fortunately the film moves at a quick pace and that moment is quickly forgotten.

And lastly, as there ever been a more photogenic male star than Steve Reeves? Speaking as someone who likes to draw and paint, his features are so symmetrical he looks almost like someone drew him up.

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