Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where in the world is Kim Novak?

I watched SON OF SINBAD last night on PEPLUM TV, which turned out to be a fun night, and knew Kim Novak was amongst the 127 starlets appearing on screen in this infamous Howard Hughes production which is basically a showcase for his harem. I do believe I finally found her, as pointed out in the screengrabs with the red arrow. Kim had a distinctive face and tilt to her head and she wasn't a blonde yet so I'm sure that's her.

I'm certain that's Kim

There goes Dale's assets again (see next post)

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Anonymous said...

In the second image, you can see Suzanne Alexander in red in the back. In the third image, you can see Pat Sheehan, Eve Bernhardt, and Helen Heydon. In the fourth image, the blonde at the center is Joy Langstaff.