Sunday, December 25, 2011

Should have been a PEPLUM star: John Grimek

John Grimek won Mr. Universe over Steve Reeves back in 1948. According to Reg Park, who was there, Steve should have won and the only reason Grimek won was because as a trained acrobat he did several special feats (as we can see in the photo above) that made the crowd roar with approval and won over Reeves because of the applause. He did have a swordman's pose down right.


purpletc said...

Before Steve Reeves...there was absolutely 1 body builder....and that was John Grimek.

Kike said...

We lost a great Hercules.

Greg said...

The guy in the pose with the sword is not the great John C. Grimek. It looks more like Clancy Ross one of Weiders boys.