Friday, December 9, 2011

Cinematic Confusion

This German DVD which says HERKULES is actually SAMSON (the art work doesn't make much sense too; those are briefs?)

Brad Harris did two PEPLUM films with the same cast but are different films: one is SAMSON and the other is FURY OF HERCULES. Because both films have the same actors and crew it's impossible to tell the difference except with the title. Those two films have always been a bit confusing. Well to make things more complicated, it seems in Germany, the SAMSON film was dubbed as the Hercules one and FURY OF HERCULES was dubbed as the Samson one.  I didn't know this until now.  I was looking for a good print of FURY OF HERCULES and I bought this one because the titles is "Herkules im Netz der Cleopatra" but it's not Herkules but SAMSON. Even when the film starts with the Italian credits it says SANSONE. I already have SAMSON and this purchase was unnecessary.

The image quality, though in widescreen, is terrible. There's a Spanish DVD out there of SAMSON with an English track and the quality is stunning. Suffice it to say, the whole thing ridiculous. I don't know who initially dubbed those films in German 50 years ago but they royally goofed.

This German DVD is FURY OF HERCULES, not Samson. The man on the cover looks like Gordon Scott.

Brad Harris also did another set of films with same cast and crew, for 79 AD DESTRUCTION OF HERCULANEUM and THE OLD TESTAMENT. They probably got those two mixed up as well.


S.R.Orsulak said...

That German Beer has a good kick to it, and maybe they were dubbed during OCTOBERFEST. I am also in the hunt for a pristine copy of FURY OF HERCULES, I really like this movie a lot.

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