Sunday, May 12, 2019

Vintage article : Renato Rossini

Vintage article on Renato Rossini. Also known as Howard Ross or Red Ross, the Italian bodybuilder was a regular in PEPLUM films. He rarely had a lead role but his supporting roles were always stand-outs including in HERCULES AGAINST THE MONGOLS (1963) pictured in the article above along with Ken Clark and Nadir Moretti.

The article had a photo of Renato in a bodybuilding competition. Same exact pose as the one below.

Renato in a Mondo movie called SEXY PROIBITISSIMO (1963) in a segment called 'Hercules Oblivious'; his bodybuilding experience came in good use for this brilliant short film. IMDb and other websites covering the PEPLUM genre have incorrectly credited Kirk Morris as the bodybuilder (below).

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