Photo of the Day

Raquel Welch and company in ONE MILLION YEARS B.C.

Should films set in prehistoric time be included in the PEPLUM genre? Whenever someone asks me what's a PEPLUM film, I always answer: it's a story, mostly action, that takes place in Antiquity/Medieval times. Well, prehistory is Antiquity in the extreme. You can't get more further back in time than that. But I've always excluded them even if they share a lot of cliches and stuff like skimpy wardrobe and some PEPLUM films are hybrids, like COLOSSUS OF THE STONE AGE. As much as I would love to include Raquel in the crowded pantheon of the PEP genre, I still think they're too different. Not enough mythology, structure/politics and such. They belong more in the Jungle Adventures genre than PEPLUM.

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