Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Same set, different films!

Two different movies with the same set!

PEPLUM movies are known for recycling stuff, wether they are scenes from others movies or props. There's nothing wrong with re-using props and sets. Here's an example. Above is full view of the set from THE SON OF CLEOPATRA (1964) starring Livio Lorenzon and below is the same set in REVENGE OF THE GLADIATORS (1964) starring Mickey Hargitay. There are slight differences including the pyramids in the background in SON OF CLEOPATRA which isn't in REVENGE OF THE GLADIATORS. Other differences are statue and curtains but the rest is the same, including the plants.



Above: Livio Lorenzo in THE SON OF CLEOPATRA. Below: Mickey Hargitay in REVENGE OF THE GLADIATORS.

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