Monday, March 4, 2024

PEPLUM Movie Poster

Original US poster of HERCULES AND THE BLACK PIRATE (1964)

Cinematic Confusion! 

Ok, the US title for this movie is nothing but confusing. As one can see, the title of the US theatrical release was HERCULES AND THE PIRATES. The original Italian title is SANSONE CONTRO IL CORSARO NERO, which translates as SAMSON AGAINST THE BLACK CORSAIR. Or Pirate. Singular. The US title removes the word BLACK and what was singular is now plural. But the title for TV broadcast in the US was HERCULES AGAINST THE BLACK PIRATES. But the title is, like I wrote above, should be HERCULES AGAINST THE BLACK PIRATE. Singular. 

Another weird thing: AIP would always rename Italian movies, certainly when MACISTE was in the title, as HERCULES, SAMSON, ATLAS or GOLIATH. Now that the original Italian title actually has SAMSON, they still re-titled it. lol! I have no idea why these AIP titles often went against the actual title. Poster itself is quite modern in design, including the clear fonts. Nice.

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