Monday, March 25, 2024

PEPLUM Movie Poster

Japanese re-release poster of CLEOPATRA (1963) 

This is from the 1977 revival. I love Japanese posters.


Anonymous said...

Very good poster indeed. It says the film is in Cinerama (シネラマ).
According to Wikipedia: "shooting started in CinemaScope, changed to 3-panel Cinerama and finally to Todd-AO. The anamorphic and 3-panel footage was discarded."

Anonymous said...

A close up of the same Japanese poster for the film, but this time they have replaced 'Cinerama' with '70mm'.

Anonymous said...

As with all of Fox's roadshow films, beginning with Oklahoma, Cleopatra was always going to be shot in Todd-AO. Early ads in Variety say it was going to be CinemaScope but this was when the film was going to be shot in Hollywood on a much smaller scale and probably star Joan Collins.