Thursday, March 28, 2024


Champion gladiator (Pietro Ceccarelli) is about to fight with Revak (Jack Palance) in REVAK THE REBEL (1960)

This is an odd PEPLUM movie within the genre itself. It's feels like a TV production. The aspect ratio is not widescreen but shot in Academy aspect ratio (with a faux widescreen during projection in cinemas...?), perfect for TVs back then.
The posters say it's in Eastmancolor while others say Technicolor. The movie has several different poster artwork with a lot of them directly copying the artwork of posters for other movies. They actually use the English audio of the English speaking cast, which is very odd for an Italian production. The entire 'modest' production itself is odd. The dialogue is often unintentionally hilarious. Some of the costumes are the worst I've seen in any PEPLUM movie. It's stands out from the rest of the pack...but not necessarily in a good way. It's still entertaining's an odd one alright.


Anonymous said...

It was originally made for TV and it was decided it was good enough to show theatrically.

Anonymous said...

The opening credits of the Spanish/Italian versions say Technicolor: