Thursday, March 7, 2024


Bella Cortez and Gordon Mitchell in ALI BABA AND THE SEVEN SARACENS (1964)

The original Italian version was a Sinbad movie renamed and re-titled Ali Baba since the movie basically takes place entirely on land. Sinbad adventures don't necessarily need to be a '7 SEAS' adventure, as I posted in my magazine, but it's odd that we never see a ship or the ocean in this. Changing it to Ali Baba sorta made sense. The timeline of the US version, and presumably all English versions released, had an incorrect timeline. I posted about this 11 years ago. I have many different versions of this film. And yet, not one copy in HD. 


Gene Phillips said...

Good insight about the lack of marine adventure. To your knowledge did ALI BABA AND THE SACRED CROWN start out as a Sinbad tale too?

PEPLUM TV said...

ALI BABA AND THE SACRED CROWN was always an Ali Baba movie.

The original Italian title is: Le 7 fatiche di Alì Babà