Monday, January 23, 2023

PEPLUM Movie Poster

German poster of THE ROBE (1953)

Nice portraits of actors. 


Anonymous said...

From what I can understand, the top of the poster says: The first film in Cinemascope. Three-dimensional effect without glasses.

The Robe came out in 1953 which I think was around the peak of the 3D craze (eg. House of Wax also in 1953 comes to mind). I don't think there were any peplum films of that period filmed / screened in 3D, rather they seem to have embraced widescreen exclusively thereafter, no other gimmicks were required.

Anonymous said...

The first film in CinemaScope !
Here is a link to PeplumTV's article on the various Peplum 'Scopes':

Anonymous said...

On the question of were there any 3D peplums in the 1950s, the only near contender I could find was SON OF SINBAD (1955) which was apparently originally shot in 3D in 1953 but had to be converted to 2D for release two years later.

For interesting 3D and widescreen info of the period check out 3-D Film Archive: