Monday, January 16, 2023


Hercules, Helena and Newton in THE MIGHTY HERCULES (1963 - 1966) 

I was a late fan of the PEPLUM genre, having seen my first PEPLUM movies after buying the 50 Warriors DVD set in 2007. When I watched THE MIGHTY HERCULES as a kid, little did I know that the series was inspired by HERCULES (1958) and Steve Reeves. I still like this cartoon. I like the simplicity of it and how it's more PEPLUM-like than most things from Hollywood. Does anyone else like it? What's your memory of it? Made in Canada!


Anonymous said...

"Hercules, only the evil fear him, with the strength of (some number) ordinary men" What was the kingdom he hung out in?

Anonymous said...

I always loved the theme song. Every Sunday morning this cartoon would come on WTBS in Atlanta. It had a unique visual style for the time and when Hercules raised that ring, you knew it was time for an explosion of colors.

Anonymous said...

The show had a great theme song! Saw it in black & white on the family TV.

Anonymous said...

Never knew of it before so thanks.
I like that costume on Hercules's. The thigh slit!
Going to check it out on YouTube now <3

Ivan said...

Great! Most of all I remember the song in Spanish.