Monday, January 16, 2023

PEPLUM Movie Poster

Spanish poster of THE TITANS (1962; aka My Son, The Hero) 

This movie is a PEPLUM adventure / comedy. Does it look like a comedy from this poster? 

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TheLibrarySound said...

This one hits just the right mix of comic cheekiness, strongman action, and mythical allusions to make it a classic of the heyday. Even better, there's a high quality 16mm film print scan of the original English dub on YouTube, under the somewhat less-inspiring title "My Son the Hero".

It's nice to see an approximation of how these movies looked when screened in theaters, even if the format is smaller than the standard 35mm (or sometimes larger). There's something specially entrancing in the way a raw print seems to radiate its colors and meld them together with the shadows, and this feeling suits a peplum beautifully.

- Hal