Friday, January 13, 2023

At the movies...

TRIUMPH OF MACISTE playing at a movie theatre presumably in France. I don't know what the HERCULE STORY is about. On the right there's a list of PEPLUM movie titles on display. 


Anonymous said...

I found this on the cinema itself ( It was called Cinechoc during 1963-1966.
Perhaps Hercule Story was how the film festival was promoted. The Triumph of Maciste appears to be the final film on the schedule board.

Anonymous said...

Cool artwork with a leaping lion overhead as you enter !! The film titles I can make out on the board are :

1. Maciste + ??? + ???
2. ????? (maybe La Fureur d'Hercule)
3. Maciste contre le Cyclope
4. Les 7 Gladiateurs
5. Rome contre Rome
6. ????? (maybe Hercule l'invincible)
7. Le Triomphe de Maciste

The above films were released 1961-64.