Thursday, January 12, 2023


A mourning Sappho (Tina Louise) is confronted by Hyperbius (Riccardo Garrone) and her brother, Laricus (Alberto Farnese) in SAPPHO - THE VENUS OF LESBOS (1960; aka The Warrior Empress)

Love this photo. The costumes and sets in this movie are great. Sappho (Louise) is mourning the death of her best friend Actis, and Hyperbius shows up to talk about marrying her or the state of their 'relationship.'  The acting is very good, helped with an excellent dubbing in which the non English speaking actors read their lines in English, making the dubbing appear seamless. And the movie used Tina's voice, unlike her other PEPLUM movies, SIEGE OF SYRACUSE (1960). As excellent as that movie is, not using her voice was a mistake. Anyway, SAPPHO is one of my favourite PEPLUM movies. Hopefully, it will show up in HD and in English somewhere.

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