Thursday, July 4, 2019

Joyas de la Mitologia comics

Mexican comic books based on mythological stories, Greek or otherwise. There are tons of these. There's no information in English about them. Is anyone familiar with them?

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For more front covers see:

It looks like it was a comprehensive coverage of world mythologies indeed. Apparently there were 557 issues published between March 1963 and March 1980. Initially published monthly, then biweekly from May 1966 and finally weekly from April 1973:

GrecoRoman (1-46), Mesoamerican (47-54), Egyptian (55-58), American (59-84), Hindu (85-100), African (101-114), Nordic (115-128), Persian (129-138), Chinese (139-145), Japanese (146-152), Oceania (153-161), Irish (162-166), Slavic (167-173), GrecoRoman (174-557).