Friday, July 12, 2019


US lobby cards set of HERCULES AGAINST THE MONGOLS (1963) starring Mark Forest, Jose Greci, Ken Clark, Maria Grazia Spina, Nadir Moretti, and Howard Ross (aka Renato Rossini). It's a shame the set is in black & white since the movie is actually beautifully shot and it doesn't do it justice. If it had been in color it would have been a kick-ass set. Nearly all action scenes from this movie, one of my favourite. Even in B&W it's still pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

This, like several other AIP releases, were not printed by National Screen Service and all are in black and white. The movies only received limited regional releases and then went directly to TV. The lobby cards
for AIP regular NSS releases are color such as Goliath and the Vampires and Samson and the Slave Queen.