Sunday, July 14, 2019

Vintage Article: HERCULES in Danish magazine

Danish magazine with an article on HERCULES (1958) published in the summer of 1959. The title 'Master Af Muskler' translates as 'Lots of muscles' (according to Google Translate). 

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Richard Svensson said...

I can't say that the Italian Peplums were big here in my native Sweden, not as big as the huge Hollywood productions (mostly biblical), but they were certainly a staple in the circuit for the cinema at the corner of the block, so to speak. A friend of mine much older than me was an avid cinema-goer where he grew up in the lower working-class areas of Stockholm, and he attested that the Steve Reeves movies were shown at his local "flea pit" and that the films were very well received among his peers. That little theatre also showed re-releases of various hit movies, as well as the prolific Tarzan series of films, westerns, (mostly) b-grade horror flicks, and other adventure movies. In other words, more thrills and chills than subtle dramas.