Monday, July 8, 2019

By the Gods!

Redilly B. Rajapa and Mimmo Palmara, as Parvati Sandok, in TEMPLE OF THE WHITE ELEPHANT (1964)

Mimmo as a South Asian man. Would this be acceptable today? He does have a look which can appear to be of different ethnicities, with or without makeup. This movie is one of the many made at the end of the PEPLUM craze which are part of a very confusing set of titles. Mimmo's character is named Sandok and the original Italian title uses the name, 'SANDOK, IL MACISTE DELLA GIUNGLA' (Sandok - Maciste of the Jungle) even though he's more of a supporting character than the main one, played by Sean Flynn. And then there's TEMPLE OF THE WHITE LIGHT (1965) starring Richard Harrison. That movie was released on DVD in the US as SANDOK even though there's no character named Sandok in it. These movies are often confused with the many SANDOKAN movies made during the same period and with a variety of different titles and actors playing the titular hero, including Steve Reeves. Then there are those THUG ISLAND and KALI YUG movies and the whole thing is confusing. I need to sort these titles out.

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